PEAF Committees

There are currently three PEAF committees. If you are interested in volunteering on one of the committees, contact the chair.

Committees and Members

          Conference Committee

Beverly Hunt - Chair Lake Placid P.D.
Beth Fleet Duval Clerk of Courts
Penny Cyr Tarpon Springs P.D.
Nicole Lunsford Jupiter  P.D
Patricia Ballard Escambia County S.O.
Renee Bassett Riviera Beach P.D.
Kay Bradshaw Collier County S.O.
Colleen Coppola Sebatian P.D.

           Certification Committee

Kaley Tilney - Chair Pinellas County S.O.
Diane Foreman St. Augustine P.D.
Theresa Adams FDLE Tampa
Lara Hoescht Volusia S.O.
Brooke Green Sarasota P.D.
Jim Choate Jacksonville Beach P.D.
Stephanie McGowan Titusville P.D.
Jahaira Toliver FHP Troop #D

           Accreditation Committee

Patricia Ballard - Chair Escambia County S.O.
Megan Wilcox Key West P.D.
Jennifer Ogg Polk County S.O.
Chandra Gaines Largo P.D.
Larry Elliott Eustis P.D.
Theresa Adams FDLE

By Laws and Legislative Review Committee

Brandon Pannone - Chair Lee County S.O.
Ryan Runge Port Richey P.D.